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Maynard, Inc.  Since 1930 . . . and better than ever!

Maynard History

Maynard, Inc. founder Nathan S. KierMaynard, Inc. is a three-generation family owned business which was founded in 1930 by Nathan S. Kier (right).

During the 1930's, Maynard, Inc. manufactured and marketed a complete line of cosmetics, including make-up and beauty preparations.

In 1932, Maynard, Inc. pioneered the manufacture and merchandising of products containing Turtle oil with Maynard's Egyptian Turtle Oil Cream.

During that time, the company opened its own beauty salons in department stores.

Maynard, Inc. Maynard L. KierSince the end of World World II, Maynard, Inc. has devoted its manufacturing and marketing efforts to the specialization of skin creams only . . .

Each generation brings progress and innovation.  A fine example is Maynard L. Kier (left) who led Maynard, Inc. through the last half of the 20th century and remains active in the business.

In 1954, Maynard, Inc. began manufacturing body cream for expectant mothers which has been marketed with great success to the maternity field . . . with its own brand, Blessed Event, and many private label brands for the maternity trade.

The successful repeat sales Maynard, Inc. skin creams have enjoyed for the past 85 years, without advertising, are testimony to their unequalled qualities and effectiveness.


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