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Welcome to Maynard's website for quality skin care products.

  For more than 85 years, Maynard, Inc. has provided an exclusive line of exceptional skin care products (Beautiful Lady Hand Care Cream, Butter of Cocoa Exceptional Moisturizing Cream, Blessed Event Maternity Body Treatment, and Maynard's Professionals Formula An Exceptional Skincare Treatment for Water Busy Hands and Bodies) to meet the unique needs of millions of Americans.  The company, started by my grandfather, has provided special formulas for a variety of skin types and conditions.  We have formulas to re-hydrate dry skin and soothe irritated, worn and weathered skin.  We were pioneers offering pregnant women a special formula to address the discomfort associated with skin stretching both during and after pregnancy.  We have formulas for hard working hands, and those that spend a lot of time in water.  We hope you, too, will enjoy the benefits of our family of skin care products.  
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